Self Scale was founded by designer (me) who wanted to market handmade accessories while retaining good quality at the same time selling it for cheap. Motivated by arts, designers, and fashion.

This blog presents anything that is unique and original or stuff I like in the fashion industry.

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Valentino - Shanghai Camouflage Backpack

Valentino has decided to release a backpack that inspires the city of Shanghai, China by designing it in red combo camouflage. Chinese are very fond of the color red as it one of the dominant colors of the culture. made of genuine leather, metal zippers and camouflage printed fabric. It has the design of a basic backpack, which has front small compartment main compartment, and an additional side compartment. Since Valentino is a luxury brand, it comes with a luggage tag to make sure that you actually own it. It is uncommon to see red camouflage, especially for a luxury brand but it does make this backpack rare.

It is no surprise that this backpack is expensive but at the same time, it is good looking. There is no doubt that this is a conversation piece, and to boast, it is by Valentino.

ULTRAOLIVE- Pebble Folding Bag

The pebble folding bag by ULTRAOLIVE is a universal luggage bag that can be carried multiple ways and can be easily stored. As you can tell from the picture, it has dual wheels, side handles, and telescoping handle. Front is a top compartment, which opens up the main compartment that can pack days to weeks of garments. This bag is water resistant since it is made of nylon Cordura, YKK zipper, and the fabric constructions, which is a design to be a look like a pebble surface. It is a unique take on the wheeled luggage to make traveling easier and practical.

Always commend companies that redesigns a product that already exist and make it better. This is not new in the industry but it forwards creative thinking.

EDITORIAL: Basic is Boring

There has been a recent surge of basic or ‘essential’ wardrobe worldwide. Marketing this term essential has worked and consumer have bought in to it. Many brands such as American Apparel, H&M, Uniqlo, and American Basics have paved the way for the consumers to buy in to the wardrobe essentials.

What does this all means though?

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Yohji Yamamoto - Leather Printed Camo Tote Bag

This tote bag is designed by the famous Yohji Yamamoto who is not know for his accessories, but mostly for his cuts and sewn designs. This bag has a discrete designed camouflage that is subtle and understated. It also blends well with the black leather and gunmetal trims that create this tote bag. Everything about this tote is made of 100% genuine leather. The inside has a large zippered compartment and two welt pockets inside for the little things. Another feature that this bag has are the two side buckles that keeps everything tightly secure. it is a tote bag not designed for everyday use, but mostly to be used for the office or special events. 

I was expecting more from Yohji when it comes to designing a bag. I don’t think he even designed this bag because it doesn’t seem to be his style to make a bag that is subtle and discrete.

Something I made for myself. Pocket squares!

Something I made for myself. Pocket squares!

Something new that I am making….Stay Tune!

Something new that I am making….Stay Tune!

Marc Jacobs - Incognito

Marc Jacobs has recently release their new bags, which is titled ’ Incognito.’ Painstakingly designed and made from the finest full grain leather, this bag follows a trapezoid like shape that create an elegance yet subtle design. Mixture of leather and metal to create a classic bag. It has all the makings of a designer bags from the tubular handle, leather pull zippers, and lock and keys. The main feature of this bag is the side tear drop, which adds a human design as we know that nature is not straight. Marc Jacobs is betting the Incognito to be their biggest hit yet.

Luxury brands always take pride in their design, this is why they take their time and take a long time to release something new in their collection. It could talke 2-5 years until their release something new. March Jacobs is known of their accessories, this is no different.