Self Scale was founded by designer (me) who wanted to market handmade accessories while retaining good quality at the same time selling it for cheap. Motivated by arts, designers, and fashion.

This blog presents anything that is unique and original or stuff I like in the fashion industry.

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Something I made for myself. Pocket squares!

Something I made for myself. Pocket squares!

Something new that I am making….Stay Tune!

Something new that I am making….Stay Tune!

Marc Jacobs - Incognito

Marc Jacobs has recently release their new bags, which is titled ’ Incognito.’ Painstakingly designed and made from the finest full grain leather, this bag follows a trapezoid like shape that create an elegance yet subtle design. Mixture of leather and metal to create a classic bag. It has all the makings of a designer bags from the tubular handle, leather pull zippers, and lock and keys. The main feature of this bag is the side tear drop, which adds a human design as we know that nature is not straight. Marc Jacobs is betting the Incognito to be their biggest hit yet.

Luxury brands always take pride in their design, this is why they take their time and take a long time to release something new in their collection. It could talke 2-5 years until their release something new. March Jacobs is known of their accessories, this is no different. 

Zoo Jeans - Design By Animals

Here is an interesting jeans by Zoo Jeans from Japan. Instead of using machine wash to create colors and fades, they let the animals such as bears, tigers and lions do it. It is a limited pair of jeans that help raise funds for the Kamine Zoo. After the animals have done their scratches, biting, and pounding, the raw jeans is then taken back, unravel, and stitch to create jeans that has rips and fades that all came from the animals. It’s a nice pair jeans with a unique design. 

I did not think anyone would do this to a pair of jeans but since the purpose is to raise funds, then I can understand. The rips and fades are beautiful. I did not think anybody would do this.

Pensai x Horse Cycles - The Merge

I don’t normally blog about automobiles, aircraft or bikes but when I do, it has to be ingenious and functional. Introducing ‘The Merge’ by the collaboration of Pensai and Horse Cycles. The two came together to create this bike for 2014 Oregon Manifest Bike Project. The purpose of this bike is to push the limit of bike design while solving the practicality issues that we currently have with current bikes. This bike has a USB charging port, retractable aluminum rack, front lighting, and a bike lock. The front hub of the bike can actually generate power to charge your USB devices while pedaling this bike. Genius!Though, in reality, this bike will be expensive.

Seeing concepts like this that come alive is amazing. The bike may be the same but the details that comes with it is what makes the difference. This is the bike of the future.

Red Bubble - An Artist Playground & Market

Red Bubble is an upcoming market place for any artist that like to showcase and sell their art pieces to transfer to phone cases, pillows, shirts and etc. This online retailer is not just a retailer but also an online art gallery can inspire other artist or who just enjoys art.

Every time I visit this site, more likely than not, i tend to look at the art instead of the product itself. There are so many products in Red Bubble that is can get tedious,even though the site is simple. It may be too simple as there isn’t a lot of option and sometimes you have to go through so many pages just to find what you want.

As in the product selection. Sometimes it would be great if the can categorize each art, so a person like me can quickly find what I am looking for. Categorizing in terms of what type of art it is, it could be abstract, figures, water painting, doodles or etc so that finding the right art type is much easier.

One thing I do like is that the selection is plenty and vast. I do think that any person who is wanting to find a certain product with a certain art can find their match and favorite. 

Art can be made in different types of forms cavnas’. Red Bubble is a medium that is in between the artist and consumers. What is great about Red Bubble is that most if not all art are made by independent artist with their own creation. Red Bubble happens to transmit their art to the consumer so that it can be displayed worldwide. Red Bubble as a whole has a lot to improve as it’s greatest strength is selection but it’s organization is also it’s greatest weaknesses a of right now. 

Pierrepoint Hicks - Fall 2014 Outerwear

The new outerwear for Fall 2014 by Pirrepoint Hicks is now available. Although, this is not the full collection since there are probably going to be more out later this year. The collection consist of vest, parka and unstructured blazer. One of the features that the vest has is that it is reversible and that both sides are nice and contemporary. The parka is also unstructured using two different lining to create a contrast style. It is a subtle take on outerwear and that it is also made here in the U.S.A.

Since this is not the collection, so far I am impress with the collection because they changed a lot of the style from the details to the fabrics.