Self Scale was founded by designer (me) who wanted to market handmade accessories while retaining good quality at the same time selling it for cheap. Motivated by arts, designers, and fashion.

This blog presents anything that is unique and original or stuff I like in the fashion industry.

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New Products!

Whhheeeew, It has been a while since I’ve made some new products for the store! Finally had time to make and post the new products you see above! They are all limited quantities since It’s only made by me!

BAGS04: Denim Tote Bag - $70.00 Free Shipping in the U.S.A

BAGS05: Denim Tote Bag with Buckle - $80.00 Free Shipping in the U.S.A

BAGS06: Mini Denim Stripe Tote Bag - $30.00 Free Shipping in the U.S.A

BCLT04: Leather Chain Bracelet - $20.00 Free Shipping in the U.S.A

All available at http://selfscale.storenvy.com/

Hope you all enjoy my developments and products!

PUMA x Mihara Yasuhiro - MY-72

Blending the PUMA disc and brogue, this is the MY-72 by Mihara Yasuhiro. This collaboration has resulted in to a hybrid product that gives the brogue a sporty flavor. Looking at the black and white colorway, this shoe is futuristic. Hybrid design no shoes are nothing new but the adding the PUMA disc certainly give this shoe a unique and original look.This is for those who wear suits but instead of dress shoe, they chose to wear sneakers.

Classic mix with sports!? Certainly not a bad result. Products like these have to be well done, brands just cannot stack design as it looks unfinished and messy but this product is certainly well made. 

Michael Bastian x Frank Clegg - Fall-Winter 2014 Accessories

Michael Bastian and Frank Clegg has collaborated once more for Fall and Winter 2014 to create a new accessory line. The line consist of cases, wallets, tote bags, duffel bags, trays and card holders. All made from Massachusetts by using genuine grain and suede leather that makes this line a durable yet classic. It is not creative but it has a bit of Michael Bastian flavor to it.

More and more designers have collaborated with heritage and classic brands and this line is doing the same. Not saying it is a bad thing but it should be at least more creative.

Ralph Lauren - Camo Sunglasses Case

Ralph Lauren has release a sunglasses case that blend genuine leather and camouflage print. It uses a stud closure to secure your sun-glass and has two leather tabs on the back that can be attach to any hooks. The military camouflage blended by the leather make it look rugged. A bit over price but it is different.

The camouflage is never going out of style and is being applied to a lot of products these days.. This is one of few products that uses the camouflage right. 

WANT Les Essentials de la Vie - Kimpo

If you are looking for a stylish card holder, then look no more as WANT Les Essential de la Vie has a product that is stylish and functional. Made from canvas and genuine leather. this card holder can hold an ID and up 20 cards inside. It has has YKK zipper to make sure no cards will fall off inside. Everything is secure, it also comes in variety of color as you can see from the pictures. It is an expensive card holder but they should have turn into a wallet instead. . 

I love zip wallets and I do think this card holder should have been made into a wallet but then again if you are a businessman, This surely, be a good card holder. 

Prada - Driving Shoes

Prada showcases us a video of how they make their driving shoes. Slow crafted and produce by using high quality and hand picked leather. Also, they do not machine cut the leathers, instead they hand cut the leather. Not surprisingly, they hand stitch the upper and mid sole together to slowly create the shape of their driving shoe. It is a very tedious and slow process to create the shoe but it is as expected from a luxury brand like Prada.

The video may be show but it does give us a glimpse of their process. Also, I am pretty sure that the making of it is very tedious as they have a quality standard they must go by, 

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie - Making of O’HARE II Bag

This accessory brand has been on the rise in the sector of luxurious accessories. Many of their bags have been well design and well thought-out. Instead of presenting their new style/collection, they have showcase a video of how they create one of their bags. The O’HARE II bag. You’ll see an artisan creating the bags from hand stitching, sewing, and cutting the leather pieces. It’s a very well processed piece of good that you can appreciate the bag and its process.

More and more companies should be doing this as it is always nice to see the creation of a bag. Journey itself is much appreciated than the goal.