Self Scale was founded by designer (me) who wanted to market handmade accessories while retaining good quality at the same time selling it for cheap. Motivated by arts, designers, and fashion.

This blog presents anything that is unique and original or stuff I like in the fashion industry.

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doane paper x TOPO Designs - Mountain Brief Case 2.0

TOPO Designs and doane paper has collaborated again for the second time to create this wonderful product called, ’ Mountain Briefcase 2.0.’ For this iteration, it uses a horween leather base, notebook and pen/pencil pockets inside, side handle, backpack straps and long nylon straps. It can be carried three ways by the use of handles/straps as you can tell from the picture. Only one color available, which is dark maroon nylon cordura fabric. It is is practical, usable, multi carried bag, and contemporary. It may have the name mountain on it, but this can be use everyday.

Good to see both brands using their creative minds to create this product. I am not a fan of the dark maroon color, it would be much better in navy or gray.

M.R.K.T. - Fall -Winter 2014 Collection

A colorful collection from M.R.K.T. for this fall-winter 2014 collection. The collection is certainly inspired by Swedish designs and simplicity. The collection consist of messenger bag, backpack, file organizer, and card holders. I love the color combination that this collection exudes even though it does not follow a fall-winter colors. The simplicity is amazing. It uses nylon straps, felt, metal trims, and leather accents. That is all the materials that are used for this collection. Simplicity is amazing once color combination and materials fuse well.

The thing I do not like about this collection that is uses a plastic buckle and plastic zipper. It would certainly benefit from using metal trimmings ,instead of plastic to make them durable.

Disney X Ron Harmen - Capsule Collection 2014

Japanese boutique Ron Herman collaborated with Disney to create this capsule collection for 2014. The classic Mickey Mouse drawing sets the theme for this collection and might be his favorite character of all Disney. Not only that, but also bringing other characters with him. The collection consist of valet tray, glass, mugs, car fragrance, and dining set. This makes me sad that Disney will never bring this in the U.S.A.

I never understood why the Japanese always seems to get the best of Disney designs. Going to the Disney store is not a great experience since they only sell basic merchandise but this collection blows anything they have right now.

Westalot  - Garment Bag

This garment by Westalot can pack items for 2-3 days trip, not only that but it can transform into a suit garment bag, carry-on bag, and can fold in to a small item for storage. Made of water resistant nylon that will be durable during trips and packing. It is an ingenious design that can transform into a couple of design to be come practical and usable. There is not a lot of bags like that especially when it can safety pack your suits, good for Westalot.

Whoever is the designer of this bag, i can tell it took a long time to design this since it can transform into something else. I do wonder how organize it is inside. 

Bugaboo x Diesel - Stroller Accessories 2014

Here is an odd collaboration. Bugaboo, the maker of high end baby accessories has collaborated with infamous jean maker, diesel. Both brands has decided to use the military camouflage as the color of the collection. The collection consist of a stroller, cradle, foot muff, umbrella and a seat liner. Limited edition accessories from both brands that it might be just an experiment. Making accessories for the baby market is run by strict regulation that both brands also had to make sure they were detailed with each item from the safety clasp, fireproof fabrics, and sturdy wheels. This collection would benefit from additional colors other than camouflage but it is a wicked collection.

I never thought diesel would be collaborating with Bugaboo to create baby accessories but diesel is also known for it’s accessories that they they not disappoint with the details in this collection.

Flud x Mayor - Sneaker Tech Backpack

The Mayor and Flud has collaborated to create this backpack called ‘Sneaker Tech Backpack.’ As the name suggested this backpack caters to sneaker heads and tech nerds. It accommodates sneakers on the bottom and laptop sleeve inside. It has a zipper pocket on top of the flap, front zipper pocket, and a main compartment that is secured by plastic claps. It is a minimalist look for those who like their backpack to be under the radar. The sneaker compartment is a nice look keep organize and secure. 

More and more backpack are coming with shoe compartment as the industry is realizing that consumers are now packing more items in their backpacks from laptops, shoes, accessories and clothes. 

Valentino - Shanghai Camouflage Backpack

Valentino has decided to release a backpack that inspires the city of Shanghai, China by designing it in red combo camouflage. Chinese are very fond of the color red as it one of the dominant colors of the culture. made of genuine leather, metal zippers and camouflage printed fabric. It has the design of a basic backpack, which has front small compartment main compartment, and an additional side compartment. Since Valentino is a luxury brand, it comes with a luggage tag to make sure that you actually own it. It is uncommon to see red camouflage, especially for a luxury brand but it does make this backpack rare.

It is no surprise that this backpack is expensive but at the same time, it is good looking. There is no doubt that this is a conversation piece, and to boast, it is by Valentino.