Self Scale was founded by designer (me) who wanted to market handmade accessories while retaining good quality at the same time selling it for cheap. Motivated by arts, designers, and fashion.

This blog presents anything that is unique and original or stuff I like in the fashion industry.

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Nocturnal Workshop - Great Horned Daypack

Here is a funky looking backpack from Nocturnal Workshop. The Great Horned Daypack is made from ballistic nylon, genuine leather, and metal buckle. It is a slim bag that has two main pockets on the front and a main compartment. This bag would be perfect to cyclists as it has 3M reflective coating on top of the ballistic nylon that can easily reflect light. It is for those who seek safety during night time when light is limited. Each color is limited quantity and won’t last long.

This bag won’t carry a lot of stuff, mostly the basic or the essential. It is certainly great that it has a safety feature. 

Fleming London - The Carnaby

Hailing all the way from England, the Carnaby Backpack is a blast from the past. This schoolboy inspired backpack is the new product from Fleming London. Its features are inside zippered pocket, metal clasp closure, and metal top handle. Also, it is made from vegetable tanned leather and also the leather has natural marking that is unique to each backpack so no backpack can ever have the same look and feel. It is sophisticated and vintage at the same time. This backpack is more form rather than function as it does not have a lot of features but that is its charm.

It is a beautiful and simple backpack that is also classical. As I stated, I do not think it is functional but rather more of a conversational piece. 

Hope Paige Medical ID - USA Themed Accessories

These USA themed bracelets are a limited edition made by Hope Paige to celebrate Independence Day and to create awareness to those who have medical conditions. These bracelets can be engraved with medical conditions such as diabetes, autism, allergies, and so on. Left bracelet on the picture is called “My Country Tis’ of Beads” and the right is called the “Star Spangled.” Both bracelet are quite stylish and do create statement. Red is a color that can be easily seen by the eyes, so it can be a conversation piece. Good to see something like this other than being made of rubber bands. Additionally, They are only $25.00 each.

Accessories are a reasonable way to market and create awareness of any subject. When you have a stylish accessories,it can be worn long term unlike pins, rubber bands, or stickers. A product like this is long term. 

SWIMS - Behind the Scenes Spring-Summer 2014 Collection

I cannot believe how this brand has exploded over the past few years. They started out with one item, which is now their famous galoshes. What’s different about their shoe is the material they use to make their products waterproof and/or water resistant. Now they are expending to more than just one silhouette. Check the video to see the Behind The Scenes of their new collection of galoshes, boat shoes, sneakers and loafers. Their unique material are there to prevent stains as they are water resistant. Also, a good video to show their upcoming products!

This brand is certainly poise to expand in the shoe industry and make a name for themselves. They may not be mainstream for now but they are coming. 


OZY encore creates a film about a bag company from San Francisco, JOSHU+VELA. I have actually seen the brand here in Los Angeles once when they were showcasing their brand. First and foremost, their products are durable and well-made. This film introduces the brand from its infancy to present stage. It does not go into details as it is more of a general introduction but at the same time, it is a well-made introduction of a company.

This brand is expanding well, their bags are becoming known for its simple design and durability. Not only they made bags, but they also make leather accessories.

J. Panther Luggage Co. - The RollTote Bag

I love items that have multiple functionality and this is one of those. Introducing the RollTote bag by J. Panther. Made from Horween leather and 100% cotton canvas that can be carried three-ways. It can be a shoulder/tote bag, briefcase and a backpack. The way it is set up are the handles and shoulder straps is an ingenious way to make this bag unique and a value. It is a rolled top closure with leather buckle to keep everything secure. The mixture of leather and canvas is classical. One thing I do not like about this item is it is expensive but it is distinctive.

Products like these is what differentiate themselves to the competition. A designer truly knows how to balance between function and form. If there is form but the function is greater, then the practicality is at an advantage.

Filson - Black Twill Collection  

Filson has now added the color black to their collection of products. Most of their silhouettes are now available in black but not all. From their classic rucksuck, briefcase to duffle bags are now colored in black.The classic color are the otter green and dessert tan, More and more colorways are beginning to emerge as Filson is expanding at a rapid rate world wide. The performance of the fabric has not change, it is still water repellent and durable since it is made from 22 oz cotton twill. I wonder what took them so long to provide this color since it is a classic color that every luggage manufacturer has. Nonetheless, it is great to have options.

I think the best color in their selection is the navy. One thing that the black does not have is it’s depth, this is why I predict the navy as the next collection to be the next collection.